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Opinion: Hall County Schools offers plethora of art opportunities for students
SCHOOLS2 Mark Pettitt
Mark Pettitt

A recent letter to the editor claimed the arts have disappeared in Hall County Schools. As an elected member of the County Board of Education, I wanted to make sure the public knew just how many opportunities our local schools offer students in the arts.

Nearly 1,200 art courses are taught each day in 95% of your Hall County schools. More than 16,000 students take art classes. Every middle and high school offers both band and chorus.

We cut the ribbon last year on a new Performing Arts Center at Johnson High School and construction is nearing completion now on a Fine Arts Complex at West Hall High School.

I am very proud that Hall County Schools offers a variety of courses to meet individual student needs, including over 60 CTAE Pathways!

The world is full of fake news. I prefer to focus on the facts.

Mark Pettitt

Hall County Board of Education