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Opinion: Elect politicians who work with reality
03162018 VOTING

With much fanfare and good coverage by The Times, early voting in Georgia has begun. It is now time for those of us, like me, who are conservative by nature and vote the same way as best we can, to make some hard choices and to ask ourselves one question, which I will get to later. 

Some of you may remember my letter published in the Feb. 9 edition, where I expressed concern over the Republican National Committee and other “conservative Republicans” total disregard for the truth and punishing those of the party that embraced it. Ironically, in that very edition was a national article of Mitch McConnell rebuking the RNC for censuring GOP lawmakers Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger over their participation in the investigation of the mob attack on my Capitol building on Jan. 6 — the attack that sustained very costly damage and got some people killed. 

In the aftermath, those elected officials in the pocket of the comb-over-clown have referred to the mob riot as “legitimate political discourse” or regular tour groups of our nation’s Capitol building, all the while barricading the doors so that their own monster would not get to them. The other elected officials have a very sudden case of amnesia come over them as they “don’t recall” or “don’t remember” their own messages condoning such actions. 

And now the time has come to stop this madness. No matter that you are Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, or just a patriot like me, our political process (the best in the world by the way) begins. Time to choose those that work with reality and not snake oil or smoke and mirrors, and just before you make that choice for any candidate, ask yourself this question: 

Are we so sure of our methods that we never question what we do?

Mike Conway

Flowery Branch