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Opinion: Doug Collins’ accusations against Democrats show he needs to grow up
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House Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Doug Collins, R-Ga., speaks during a House Rules Committee hearing on the impeachment against President Donald Trump, Tuesday, Dec. 17, 2019, on Capitol Hill in Washington. (Anna Moneymaker/The New York Times) - photo by Associated Press

Recently, Rep. Doug Collins went on a national cable news show and accused his Democratic constituents, along with Democrats across the country, of "being in love with terrorists." 

As a citizen and resident of Collins' district, I have had no choice but to deal with his actions as my representative.   

When he behaved like a spoiled teenager acting out during the impeachment hearings, I cringed along with every other thinking Georgian at the idea that he was the national face for my district.  His unthinking support of Donald Trump in every situation does not argue for a person who carefully analyzes his positions. 

Collins has done a precious few things during his time in Congress that I can support, but in general I disagree with his legislative agenda and his ideology, which almost invariably drives his every public action to the exclusion of fact and logic.  

I have no choice in the matter, because he is my duly-elected representative.

However, I would like to remind Mr. Collins that there is a fact that he has no choice in accepting and respecting as well. Collins may have been elected as a Republican, but he has the solemn and sworn duty, according to the oath he took on entering Congress, to represent all of his constituents, whether they follow his party's beliefs or not. That is his constitutional duty.  

He may not be required to carry out the wishes of his constituents with whom he disagrees, but making unprovoked, untrue and despicable attacks on the large number of his constituents here in the 9th District who are not members of his party is utterly unacceptable.  

Collins may be a member of Congress, but it becomes increasingly clear that he has some growing up to do. His position demands it, and his country requires it.

Bryan P. Sorohan


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