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Opinion: Desperate Democrats support mindless, malicious strategies
Joe Biden
President Joe Biden (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

It will be a miracle if the desperate Democrats capture the 2020 presidency based on these mindless, malicious strategies:


Model hypocrisy  

Democrats think it’s acceptable for thousands of people to protest in numerous American cities during this pandemic, but they forbid everyone else from participating in church services, sporting events, music concerts, beach vacations and other public outings. A double standard exists on “follow the science.”  

Stay silent when convenient 

When anarchists loot businesses, destroy property and commit acts of violence against innocent people, most Democrats don’t condemn such behavior and the media is mysteriously mum. More revealing, Democrats don’t denounce the senseless black-on-black gang murders occurring daily in Chicago.

Interfere with federal agents 

Disgustingly, some liberal mayors object to the deployment of federal agents charged with protecting federal property in their cities. Clueless Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the House, called these agents “stormtroopers” – a reference to the Nazis of WWII Germany. Regarding the rioters, she said: “People will do what they do.” Is Pelosi living on Pluto?  

Defund police departments 

Yes, there are some bad cops out there and, when warranted, they should be disciplined, retrained, terminated or imprisoned. However, it’s foolish to defund police departments and prohibit law enforcement officers from doing their jobs. Consequently, we’re witnessing more violence and blatant disrespect for law and order across our nation. 

Foment identity politics 

Democrats love to divide America by calling conservatives racist, xenophobic, homophobic, deplorable, irredeemable, judgmental, insensitive and especially intolerant. For example, liberal speakers are welcomed on college campuses, but conservative voices are frequently prevented from sharing with these students. So much for tolerance.  

Control the biased media  

Most journalists stress the liberal narrative and conveniently overlook any news that espouses conservative views. For instance, numerous media organizations reported untruths about Nick Sandmann, a Kentucky high school student, when he visited Washington, D.C., with his classmates in 2019. Well, Sandmann has won two substantial lawsuits and six more are pending. Moreover, why is Jonathan Capehart, a Washington Post editorialist, still employed at this newspaper after attacking Sandmann with two columns?  

Offer a radical agenda 

If you want bigger government, higher taxes, overregulation, stock market turmoil, unfair trade deals, open borders, unlawful sanctuary cities, gun confiscation, limited law enforcement, free health care and college tuition for all (including illegiggsal immigrants), increased abortion-on-demand, activist U.S. Supreme Court justices, environmental hysteria, more secularism and the disappearance of the American republic as we know it, vote for Biden on Nov. 3. 

Hide Bide(n) 

Undoubtedly, the Democrats are in trouble when Sleepy Joe is the best presidential candidate they can offer. Biden hides in his basement and avoids interviews. When he conducts one, Joe is given easy questions in advance. During the rare times when Joe is asked tough questions, he’s rude and confrontational. “Mr. Gaffe” confuses his wife with his sister and thinks he’s running for the U.S. Senate. Assuming there are presidential debates, Joe Biden will be a colossal calamity. 

These delusional Democrats must not prevail. Your vote matters! 

Dick Biggs 


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