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Opinion: Climate change alarmists would return us to dark ages

A letter submitted by Mr. Brian E. Moss is misplaced in the Opinion section of the Times. 

It is surely intended to satirize climate change theory adherents and should be placed among the comics. The Times seems to have a lack of appreciation for the hilarity of Mr. Moss’s analysis of the John Stossel column on climate change

After asserting that an alarmist is one who excites unwarranted fear, Mr. Moss brushes aside Stossel’s accusation of scaremongering by those predicting “the world is going to end in 12 years if we don’t address climate change” as being taken out of context. One must truly wonder what context would alleviate fears of mass human extinction! 

OK, let’s have full context. The hair-on-fire global warming crowd is ignoring the 17-year pause in global temperature increases, according to Dr. Singer at the U.S. National Advisory Committee on Oceans and Atmosphere. The U.S.’s world leadership in improving air quality could pour oil on these troubled waters as well, if petroleum products aren’t outlawed. But this context doesn’t support more research leading to scary, albeit scientifically dubious, conclusions and fund the elites’ pet projects intended to further government control. 

I figure the American scientists who have led the world in development of environmental protections, with world-leading results to match, will be able to hold back the attacking ocean waves far more effectively than the feckless environmental Kings Canute, who would halt their imagined, inevitable inundation only at the expense of returning us to an age when child birth was a truly life-threatening event. 

In their world we are invited to revisit the pre-industrial period when pregnant women would be transported by horse and buggy to a medical facility lit only by candles. 

Finally, speaking up for those of us in a much maligned older generation — who have suffered millions of lost lives in two world wars and other peace-keeping missions too numerous to recount here; who have cured innumerable diseases, including such scourges as polio and small pox; who have vouchsafed worldwide safe passages so that self-styled environmentalists can safely traverse the globe spouting their jeremiads; who have lifted millions of people out of poverty; who have raised literacy to levels unimaginable just decades ago — I resent youthful dissatisfaction with their ancestors who have sacrificed the lives of men, women and children, all to preserve a world where the lack of reverence for the sacrifices of others will be not only tolerated but promoted. 

I would like to laugh off the how-dare-you rhetoric. But I cannot fathom how the callow, entitled, obviously naive youth of this world with little or no life experience have the audacity and arrogance to denigrate a generation that has sacrificed so much to provide for their well-being. To this I say, how dare you? 

Joe Crouse


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