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Opinion: Champions of Hall should be celebrated
0418ray mcrae
J.M. "Ray" McRae

In the Sunday, Feb. 19, edition of Gainesville Times, Johnny Vardeman wrote about Ronda Rich’s desire that the late  Ray McRae be recognized for his many years as a rewarding promoter of Gainesville. He is undoubtedly one of the stalwarts responsible for Gainesville’s longtime growth, and once, he was honored as the Gainesville Rotary Man of the Year.

 Rotary and other enriching local organizations are still hard at work here, and we must show deep respect and admiration when one of these groups recognizes a valuable member.

 Last week, Rotary named two Members of the Year: Frank Norton and Lee Highsmith. 

Norton heads a leading real estate agency and recently was known for annually sharing his personal forecasts about business growth. He also serves Boy Scouts-Eagle Scouts and local art. 

Highsmith, who is an amazing volunteer, is known for years of leadership positions in education, health care, the First United Methodist Church and more. 

The actions of such champions, especially in volunteerism, are more reasons I love Gainesville and Hall County.

Alma Bowen