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Opinion: Biden lies about Trump’s achievements on COVID
03132021 VACCINE 1.jpg
A COVID-19 vaccination card waits to be filled out Friday, March 12, 2021, as Hall County Schools receive the one dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine at Free Chapel Worship Center. - photo by Scott Rogers

Let’s see if I can get this right. At the very beginning of the pandemic, then-President Trump did halt incoming flights from China, incurring the wrath of the Democratic Party for doing so. 

President Trump did assemble the leading scientists and doctors in the U.S. President Trump did offer press conferences at which time the most knowledgeable people presented current information on the virus. 

President Trump did commission the Centers for Disease Control to put their time on plans to stop the spread of the virus and report daily the outcome of that effort. President Trump did immediately offer cash to the drug companies and lean on them to develop an antidote for immediate treatment of the virus and a vaccine for long-term treatment. President Trump did put the FDA on a fast-track basis to get emergency approval of the vaccine. President Trump did authorize Vice President Mike Pence to put a warp speed plan for distribution of the vaccine in place that utilizes all forms of transportation equipment, including that of the military. 

Except for the efforts of President Donald Trump, we may still be waiting for a vaccine.

According to the presentation made by now President Joe Biden, none of this happened. 

He lied when he said the Trump administration did nothing except try to hide the existence of the virus. How would he know? He was embedded in his basement for four to six months. And so, the Biden speech begins the big lie — quite possibly the biggest political lie of my 80 odd years.

Bruce W. Hallowell


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