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Letter: Different perspective on 10 issues of disagreement
02012018 LETTER

In his latest letter to the editor, Dick Biggs laments the ability of our government to compromise in a bipartisan manner. I appreciate his frankness in pointing out issues of disagreement, but Mr. Biggs immediately strikes a belligerent tone. He speaks of each issue as if it is a black-and-white affair. Surely Mr. Biggs is aware that nothing in life is that simple. I hope that I can, in the spirit of compromise, sound more conciliatory. While I will not have time to address all of his issues, I will try to at least give the reader something to think about.

Instead of trying to defend legal abortion, and thereby be framed as “pro-death” by Mr. Biggs, I would like to offer an area on which I am sure that we can agree. Everyone would like to see less abortions. Research has shown that the best way to achieve this is through better sexual education and birth control. Let’s all put our money where our mouths are and make this happen.

Same-sex marriage: As a liberal, and a decent human being, I’m for love and equality. Sue me. It does bother me that the will of God is continuously brought up by the opponents of marriage equality, when it seems like the Old Testament God had as much to say about the fabric we use in our clothing.

The argument against open borders is often based on “law and order.” In 1951 some 145 countries ratified the Refugee Convention. Asylum seekers are breaking no law.

States rights: Is this still a thing? We in the South have many reminders of a lost war and many lessons of how each individual state should not be able to do whatever it wishes. 

Despite Mr. Biggs giving great praise to Trump for slashing our tax burden, tax cuts have been the norm since 1953. Cutting taxes is one of the few areas on which both parties can agree.

Patriotism has been the rallying cry of the GOP since the early ‘90s. Sadly, Trump has taken it to a whole new level. A leader who proudly proclaims that he is a nationalist while leading chants that his opponent should be locked up and that the media is the enemy of the people is not without precedent. If patriotism means never questioning the supreme leader, count me out.

Gun control: No matter how much Fox News ranted, I never had a representative of Obama’s administration come to my door and demand my guns. With gun sales skyrocketing over the last decade, I don’t think we have anything to worry about.

I would echo Mr. Biggs’s wish that this country have the wisdom to choose the right path, but we should remember that wisdom is not innate. It is not a gift from heaven. Wisdom must be earned through study. We must educate ourselves and learn the facts of each area of disagreement. Only then can we come together for the good of all.

Jeff Casper


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