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Letter: Critique of Obama years didn't provide full story

The letter printed in the 12-26 paper concerning our nation’s focus was strongly thought-provoking and stated clearly the writer’s purpose. 

Each paragraph was a consistent condemnation of the last administration, concluding with the statistical observation of eight years of 1.6 percent growth. 

I am not a fan of the past administration, but I cannot avoid the need to comment on the sadly incomplete story given. The title of the letter was the need to create opportunity, and I heartily support such a thought. The best opportunity that can be created is a job.

The writer says we need more rich folks to provide jobs. There were plenty of rich folks in Washington in the eight years prior to the last administration and here is their legacy.

In the last month before the Obama administration took office our nation lost 694,000 jobs in one month. In the last six months prior we lost 2,864,000 jobs. In the last 12 months prior we lost 3,567,000 jobs. These are official Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers.  

In the eight years after we had 75 consecutive months of positive job growth.

I cannot find any mention of these turnaround numbers in the 12-26 letter. Is our memory so poor that we have lost the devastation of the economic disaster that welcomed the last administration to office?

Is our memory so selective that we have conveniently deleted the moment, confirmed by the man himself, that our secretary of Treasury, Henry Paulson, went to the office of the speaker of the House and physically knelt to beg for a needed bailout for our banks to avoid a complete collapse of our financial system?

How many opportunities did the loss of almost 4 million jobs in the last year prior to the last administration create?

I applaud the writer’s desire to point out the failings of the last administration, but I oppose limiting the point of failure’s observation to just those eight years. Our national leaders have failed us for decades while we continued to elect and re-elect them both to the White House, as well as to the people’s houses of Congress. 

Our cartoon character Pogo revealed the real truth long ago when he said “we have met the enemy and he is us.”

Michael Hawkins


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