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Letter: Americans must unite for sensible climate solutions from Congress

America is terribly divided now. It seems that if one side of the political aisle holds a position, the other side opposes it, no matter its merits. It seems that the idea of compromise is that we talk, and then do it my way. 

However, it was not always that way. There was a time in American politics when both sides could sit down together and discuss an issue and arrive at a common solution, and I believe it is possible again. After all, we are all Americans, and we share common values. 

We want to pass on a healthier, more prosperous world to our children. We care deeply about the values of kindness, honesty, fairness and love of neighbor. We believe in loyalty, respect and the sanctity of life.

So let us all decide to build on those common values and begin to work out the big problems of our times so that we truly can pass on a better world to our children. That means not only talking to the other person, but truly listening to the other person with the idea that we can learn something from them. It is time to begin to live our values of respect and love as we begin to work out our differences.-both individually and as a nation. Our forefathers knew this well when they said, “United we stand, divided we fall.”

One clear example of this is a caucus in the U.S. Congress called the Bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus. This was begun by Citizens Climate Lobby to help our country work out its problems over climate change. It now consists of 43 Republicans and 43 Democrats sitting down at the table together to work on common sense solutions to climate change. Certainly, it has not solved this monumental problem, but it is a start. 

We must have true dialogue if we have any hope of solving problems in our world. We are America, and we can — and MUST — do this.

Vernon Dixon


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