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Our Views: Sharing a full bounty of our gratitude
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On Thanksgiving Day, we gather today with family and friends to share the blessings of a big meal, the warmth of our loved ones and a gravy boat full of gratitude.

Today, we continue a longtime Times tradition as the newsroom staff shares the things in our lives for which we are thankful ...

Grandparents who love me without fail, despite all my faults, and help me out in any situation. Also for my sanity that wouldn’t be possible without my Blu-ray player, Netflix and a DVR.

Plastic dinosaurs, toy trucks, “Thomas Train” and all four Shrek movies because they keep my son occupied, if only for a few brief moments at a time.

UGA’s mostly successful 2012 football season, and I’ll be even more thankful if they pull out a win at the Southeastern Conference championship game.

“Coming home” this autumn to a childhood kinship that has remained unchanged despite years and miles; to newsprint smudges and cold coffee; and for being able to cross my threshold each day into a son and daughter hug huddle. God is good.

My totally awesome family (both immediate and extended) who have shared with me their unquenchable desire to soak up what this world, as well as its people, has to offer. It’s nice to know that my dreams and opinions, shared or not, are respected and appreciated. I look forward to passing that on to my future family.

My son’s smiles, my wife’s kind heart, my parents’ endless support and my dog’s ever-present companionship.

My new washing machine and my handy boyfriend who so kindly installed it for me. No more late night laundry sessions at my parent’s house for me!

Warm weather, air conditioning, happy dogs, fences, food, family and friends. And whoever invented the DVR.

Our soldiers that are spending time away from their family and friends over the holidays so that we can enjoy the time we have with ours at home.

A fun and successful football season spent with wonderful friends in such exotic locales as Columbia, Mo., Lexington, Ky., and Auburn, Ala. And I’m thankful for the outside chance it could end with a championship in Miami.

The love of an old dog, who gets more blind, more deaf and more feeble with every passing day but continues to provide love and companionship.

A loving family which no matters the struggles and challenges of the past year continues to love and support each other.

To live in a country that chooses its leaders without shots being fired or riots being held. It may have its faults and it may elect a candidate you don’t like from time to time. But it’s still the best system in the world.

Support of my friends and family, the cuddles from the furry creature who sleeps at the foot of my bed and my GPS-enabled smartphone.

I will never be able to give enough thanks for having grown up and lived with a disabled younger sister. The lessons and smiles I’ve had over the years thanks to her are more than anyone could hope for.

My mother’s nagging phone calls to “check on me,” despite what I tell others.

A husband who lets the dog out in the mornings so I don’t have to and stays up to spend time with me when I work the late shift.

That I’m not dead, yet.

That the most patient woman in the world said “I do” almost 29 years ago. Why she did is a mystery best not solved.

My church, where grace matters, where the people are always loving and where I have made amazing new friends this year.

That even though my house doesn’t look like I want it to (yet), I can afford my mortgage every month.

A best friend that maintains a friendship from miles away, a new group of people to call my sisters, the best grandma in the world, a snuggly little puppy named Roo and a future full of opportunities.

And we all are thankful for you, readers of The Times, who keep us around to report on this dynamic, fascinating community. Even when you fuss at us because your paper’s late or we didn’t cover something right, we know it’s because you care. And we’ll never forget that.

We wish a Happy Thanksgiving to one and all.


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