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Our Views: A gratitude horn o plenty
Times staff shares what we are thankful for this holiday
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Again this year, we enter Thanksgiving Day seeing the glass as half full.

Our nation, station and community have endured another year of a tough economy. Many among us have lost homes and jobs and thus can find it hard to remain thankful.

Even those of us who remain comfortable have worries, whether it’s the dwindling water levels of Lake Lanier, the growing problems of traffic and transportation or a political system we feel no longer works as it should.

But this is why we need a day of thanksgiving, and why the day was founded to begin with. Legend has it that the day began with the original Pilgrims’ desire to celebrate a bountiful harvest amid the hardships they faced in the new world. That story reminds us that there is always much to be thankful for even in tough times.

Those of us in The Times newsroom have faced many of the same issues as everyone else, but we remain hopeful and appreciative for what we have on this Thanksgiving Day. And we share with you these items for which we are ever grateful. We are thankful ... 

For a local economy that keeps ticking along, even as difficulties keep dragging it down, and the bounties on our tables, whatever they may be.

That even though I work in a business that never sleeps, at least I am not working in retail.

For all of the little ones in my life: my niece, twin godsons and my nephew who should be arriving any day now. They keep me young and help me to always remember to be appreciative of all things — big or small.

For my wonderful and supportive family and friends and the copious amount of tea in my pantry. I couldn’t live without them.

For my smart, sweet little boy, whose joyful nature shows me how good and beautiful the world really is. And for his fantastic father who keeps us laughing.

For my loving wife who I couldn’t live without and my wonderful mother who’s always been there for me throughout the years. 

For all my friends and family who have helped me get to where I am today. Also, my beautiful beagle who possibly shows more love than any person ever could.

For my 3-month-old baby boy, my wonderful wife and my amazing family that has stood by us, even though we live a few thousand miles away.

That many of our armed forces members overseas will be returning home to their families soon. We look forward to having all of them safely home in the near future.

That I can even be thankful, that God has granted me another day to live, love and be loved.

For my family, which has given me more than I could ever repay, and my friends for keeping me sane when the world desires otherwise.

For the giants of our community who have passed in the last year and their contributions to making our area better and more prosperous.

For a husband who loves me even when I come home from work an hour later than I said I would, forget to pay one of the bills or leave dirty dishes on the counter for days.

That even as we all grow older, I can still get together on a regular basis and enjoy time with my siblings and parents.

Though we may tire of political debates and news coverage, that we live in a country that allows us to make the choices we make, good or bad.

For new opportunities to learn and grow — and with that, I’m thankful for the people around me who push me and support me as I face those challenges.

For not taking anything for granted, and knowing that every moment in life matters.

For our farmers who work endlessly and many times without a “thank you” to let them know how glad we are to have quality produce and protein on our table and fibers to wear.

For my roommates, sisters, friends and family who put up with my ridiculous habits, for those “Damn Good Dawgs” and the rich Southern heritage I am proud of every day.

For having a job so soon after graduation, and for having the best friend in the world to go home to every night.

That I was dealt a stellar hand in this life. For that, I will never stop being thankful.

And we all are thankful to serve you with our daily stories to tell. From all of us, Happy Thanksgiving.