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Letter: Trump endangers Earth by ignoring plea for science
President Donald Trump speaks about the U.S. role in the Paris climate change accord Thursday, June 1, in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington.

President Donald Trump knows just enough science to be dangerous. Given the opportunity, he has demonstrated that he is more than dangerous. By withdrawing from the Paris climate accord, he endangers the future of our planet, and in doing so, jeopardizes the future of my children and grandchildren, and yours.

As a chemistry and physics teacher in public school classrooms for 35 years, I emphasized to students in my classes the importance of expressing measurements properly. Distance is measured in meters, mass in grams, volume in liters, speed in meters per second. From time to time, a student would not use a unit of measurement appropriately or leave it out. My immediate reaction, speaking perhaps to Mike Orlan, would be something like “Mike, that must be 2.3 Orlans, but we don’t know what an Orlan is, so please include an appropriate unit of measure with your answer.”

So I am advocating a new unit of measure to express human suffering. It has been widely reported that 23 million Americans will lose their health care if Trumpcare becomes U.S. law. This would cause 23 million people to suffer, be devastated, and probably die early. So, I am going to describe one “Trump” as the unit of measure to identify 23 million people suffering.

I expect the U.S. withdrawal from the Paris climate accord to result in 100 Trumps. Figure out how many people will be suffering on our planet as a result. It will be easier to describe the result as a “hecto Trump.”

It is unfortunate for our country that we will suffer numerous “Trumps” as a result of his presidency. Perhaps more unfortunate, Republican congressman in Georgia defend and support him. That makes them dangerous to our future.

One thing is for certain. No. 45 is not making America great, but he certainly is making Americans grate!

Frank Lock

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