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Letter: GHSA athletic realignment does a disservice to public schools
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On GHSA realignment: The Dave Hunter/Buford/AA Football rule (3 percent rule) was designed to move all private schools out of Class AA. It worked as intended. The lone exception is Benedictine, an all-male school that does not have to adhere to the 3 percent rule. Other than Benedictine, all other private schools were moved out of Class AA.

As long as this rule stands, AA will never have to compete against other private schools. That is a huge slap in the face for Class AAA and AAAA public schools that will continue to be forced to compete against private schools.

I think it is safe to say that every person familiar with the 3 percent rule expected all private schools to move up from the classification where they currently play. Out of 14 private schools currently playing in AA to AAAA, only three private schools actually moved up: Greater Atlanta Christian, Lovett, and Blessed Trinity. It’s a shell game to move many private schools down, then back up, and claim the rule worked as intended.

The vast majority of city schools got a break because the service areas of every school in the state was changed to accommodate the 3 percent rule. Four out of 22 AA to AAAA city schools moved up. Hardly a victory for traditional public schools.

Alan Henderson

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