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Letter: Dont include Perdue among Washingtons political class
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Regarding Jim Threlkeld’s letter of Monday, “Globalist career politicians all oppose Trump’s nationalist ideas,” I don’t have a problem with what he is saying until the fifth and sixth paragraphs, where he asks “have you heard Rep. Doug Collins or Sens. Johnny Isakson or David Perdue defending the president on Russia’s alleged interference with our election? No, you have not, and you will not. They do not want Trump to succeed anymore than the Democrats do ...”

And the last paragraph states, “Much of this is our fault, as we continue to send the same old politicians spouting their same old lies back to Washington time and time again.”

Sen. Perdue is serving his second year as a “politician.” He defeated several career politicians to win the seat. Yes, people are tired of career politicians and his election proves this. Also, Sen. Perdue is one of two senators who publicly supported President Donald Trump and he does want him to succeed (the other was Jeff Sessions.).

I have heard that he was offered a job in the Trump cabinet, but turned it down because he was elected to serve six years in the Senate and that’s what he was going to do. If half the elected officials put the country first, as Sen. Perdue does, we wouldn’t have the mess up there.

By the way, when have you seen a Washington elected official who has not had a fundraiser in their first two years in office? In following politics for over 50 years, I have never seen it. Perdue has not, even while putting in a lot of his own money to get elected.

We should hope and pray that more of his kind would offer for public office.

Gene Cobb