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Letter: Dangerous highway a scene of too many deadly car wrecks
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I wish someone could please do something about the speeding on my road, Talmo Road in Hall County. There was another accident June 11. Since we’ve lived here, there have been more accidents than I can count and two fatalities, one in 2013 and one in 2014, and sadly I heard there were three fatalities in the accident Saturday, barely two years since the last one.

Friday, I watched my husband working in our yard along the side of the road and some cars just plain refused to move over or even slow down and most people speed excessively because it’s a straight stretch with a gradual downhill slope, even though there is no shoulder at all in front of our house. Next time I am recording the speeders and posting them on the Hall County sheriff’s Facebook page.

I’ve also recently seen — at least twice a day for the last two weeks, for sure — different semi trucks coming through, even though there’s a sign at the end of Roy Parks Road that says no through trucks over 10 wheels. I think they’re using it as a shortcut.

Three children dead at the scene and a fourth in critical condition. All adults taken to the hospital. How many more people have to die before Hall County takes responsibility to make our road safer?

It even scares me to go to the mailbox because people are flying down the road and don’t move over any when they pass you. I was just complaining to my husband last week about wanting to move our mailbox to our side of the road because of the speeding cars. It’s a good thing I’m not an old woman!

Sheila Taylor