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Letter: Climate deal is first step toward a healthier planet
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The long awaited United Nations Paris meeting to work out a comprehensive climate change treaty just concluded with almost 200 countries agreeing to limit global warming and transition to a clean energy future. That is a miraculous event in itself. Can you imagine almost 200 countries agreeing on anything, much less something as big and complicated as this?

It almost seems like there was divine inspiration. It means that our children and their children for countless generations to come have received perhaps the greatest Christmas gift imaginable: the gift of a livable world free from the ravages of climate change.

It also means the probability of climate change being real has just increased exponentially. We have a 97 to 99 percent consensus of climate experts that it is real. We can see the changes all over the globe; the National Academy of Science of every major country in the world confirms the reality of climate change. All other natural causes of global warming point to a cooling or stable planet and yet we continue to warm, sea levels are rising at an increasing rate. And now we have almost 200 countries agreeing enough on the seriousness of climate change that they are willing to commit to the changes necessary to stop it. What more proof do we need?

It also means that our country has the golden opportunity to take the lead in green technology and clean energy. Like the innovations in the space race and in the high tech and Internet revolution, the clean energy future offers a great chance for America to once again lead the world in the great clean energy revolution.

America is called to greatness once again. Let us seize the moment! We are the United States of America! This is our time, this is our opportunity, and we will once again rise to the challenge of leading the world.

Many economic studies have shown that by doing this, we will ultimately stimulate the economy, not hurt it. Citizens Climate Lobby has a simple carbon fee and dividend plan that would lower greenhouse gases by 50 to 60 percent, save many thousands of American lives, lower utility bills and make America more prosperous. Now it is time to act.

And last, but not least, it means that science wins out over skepticism and truth wins over mistruths. It also helps to restore faith in mankind, for once again we have shown the wisdom and the intestinal fortitude to make the hard choices to help assure the future of our race.

Vernon Dixon

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