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Letter: Bathroom spat wont end soon, but there are ways to solve it
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The last time I was in a lady’s bathroom was about 1937. I was 5. I have never seen ladies walk in a male bathroom, although I have heard that it has happened at sports arenas and stadiums because long lines of ladies were waiting at facilities designated for them.

Give it 10 years from now, the chances are good all public bathrooms will be for both genders, malls, department stores, office buildings, sports venues and so one. It took several years for some places to offer handicap facilities until threatened with closure. I don’t think the subject will die.

Here is one solution: Walk in a male facility today and the urinals are on the right and then a line of stalls with doors. Why not redo the pluming with stalls on the right when you enter and urinals at the back past the stalls?

Those who cry this will not stop voyeurism are right, but we have never stopped bank robbery, peeping toms and other criminal acts. We have caught many. Let’s face it. You cannot stop criminal acts. You can only catch and punish.

George C. Kaulbach

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