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Letter: Bathroom choices should not be made by sudden personal whim
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In my letter in May concerning gender neutral public restrooms, I did not say that I was against such — I am. My thought was the subject was not going away.

Since then, transgender has entered the fray and loud voices are telling us it is only fair if these people go to any public restroom facility they desire. This is bogus. A person who claims transgender is claiming only what is in their mind. One day they decide “I am male.” The next day they decide “I am female.” It is in the mind. So these people decide any public facility or shower room is right for them on any particular day.

The judicial system wants fairness and justice whenever possible. But they are forgetting that if a person has rape on his mind and commits rape, this person is subject to punishment by the law, because rape is a crime. The person who is interested in child pornography and downloads such is also committing a crime, which is punishable in the judicial system and rightly so.

Briefly, what goes on in my mind that is criminal if acted upon is not criminal unless I act it out and violate the law. So the transgender person violates the law when she/he acts out in reality what goes on in their minds. It is not unjust or unfair for people who claim being transgender as long as they use the facilities matching their biological gender. If they are found in a facility which does not match their biological gender, they should be punished and this is fair and just.

George C. Kaulbach

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