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You Heard It Here: We got it all in Hall, yall
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Give a listen to the Phil Bonelli rap, "We Got It All in Hall, Y'all."

Here is an item we heard this week that we thought you might find interesting.

As Davis White, Vision 2030 chair, spoke to a crowd gathered Thursday night for the Blue Zone Community Summit, Phil Bonelli walked on stage to quietly interrupt him.

White said he wanted to take 15 minutes or so to talk about Vision 2030, a community project sponsored by the Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce.

But Bonelli, a Vision 2030 greenspace committee member, told White to “wrap it up,” and then began rapping a full song about Hall County.

“We understand, how we got here can be a mystery,” Bonelli rapped. “So let’s all take a walk down Hall County history.”

He covered topics dating back to settlers at Mule Camp Springs, the growth through the Civil War, the tornado of 1936, the build of Lake Lanier and much more.

“A lot of folks fell down, but good thing old Jesse had a jewel in his crown,” Bonelli rapped about the tornado and poultry icon. “He had a great idea that he was born to have. He built a whole industry out of nothing but chicken scratch.”

Bonelli also rapped about Clemson University quarterback and Gainesville High School graduate Deshaun Watson.

The entire song was more than three minutes long, with multiple verses and the refrain, “We got it all in Hall, y’all.”

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