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You Heard it Here: Caped crusaders keep streets safe and sweet
Gainesville Police Chief Carol Martin, dressed as Robin, hands out candy during the Rolling Trunk or Treat event Thursday night.

A crime-fighting duo in Navy blue uniforms took to the streets Thursday night in Gainesville.

It was a classic case of good cop, Batcop.

Gainesville Police Cpl. Jessica Van and Chief Carol Martin passed out candy and goodies clad as the caped crusader Batman and Robin, respectively.

The two patrolled as part of the Rolling Trunk or Treat from 5:30-7:30 p.m. Thursday along with other members of the police department.

“You can’t have a Batman without a Robin,” Van said.


Members of the Latino Student Association at the University of North Georgia have been active in get-out-the-vote campaigns for the Nov. 3 Gainesville City Council elections.

In addition to voter registration drives, neighborhood canvassing and phone banking, students have utilized the reach of social media to inspire local residents to vote in critical, competitive races for Ward 2 and Ward 3.

That effort took on a new life this past week when these students, many of whom cannot vote because of their immigration status, began updating their Facebook profile pictures with a caption that read, “Just because I can’t vote doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. Be my voice. Go out and vote November 3, 2015.”

Soon, local political organizers and Latino activists began taking to the “meme,” which spread from user to user online. Others captioned their self-portrait with, “Your vote is your voice. Make it count,” and “I can vote and I will.”

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