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Woman accused of lying about armed robbery
Gregory was arrested without incident
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Making false statements is an offense the Hall County Sheriff's Office takes seriously as it did Thursday with an alleged false claim of an armed robbery.

Natasha Danielle Gregory, 31, of Gainesville was arrested Thursday and accused of making false statements after she reported an armed robbery at her home Wednesday night in the 4500 block of Old Cornelia Highway.

Hall County Sheriff's Office Sgt. Kiley Sargent said once deputies arrived at the residence, Gregory told them she had been assaulted by an unknown black man after she got out of her car at her house. She told police the suspect stole her cell phone, cash and prescription medication.

After searching the area with a K-9 unit and several deputies, investigators determined the incident actually occurred in Gwinnett County at a location off Pleasant Hill Road.

"We don't know to what extent happened, but we know that something must have happened down there that she obviously didn't want Gwinnett County to be involved in," Sargent said.

"We think that her story is a little shady because there had to be some reason why she was assaulted in Gwinnett but waited until she came (to Hall County to report it)," he said.

Investigators believe Gregory was assaulted at some point, but not in Hall County. Sargent said the investigation is ongoing to determine why she waited to report the assault.

Sargent said the sheriff's office takes false claims seriously because it is a waste of county resources.

"When we got the call of an armed robbery, especially at a residence, we sent a lot of enforcement up there to locate people, and this took up some manpower," Sargent said. "Thankfully the investigators ... were able to determine that this was a hoax, and it was quickly called off."

Gregory was arrested without incident and booked into the Hall County Jail.