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Walmart robbery charge reduced to shoplifting
Man accused of grabbing game system from employee, fleeing
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A man accused of taking a PlayStation 4 from a Walmart employee’s hands without paying had his charge reduced when bound over to State Court on Friday morning.

Dushawn Demitries Heath, 25, appeared in Magistrate Court to face a charge of robbery by sudden snatching before Judge David Burroughs.

Oakwood Police Investigator Danny Sridej testified Heath entered the Oakwood Wal-Mart around midnight Jan. 3 and asked about the gaming system.

The store employee told police Heath snatched it out of her hands without her consent.

“When he got to the checkout, he took off,” Sridej said.

Heath’s counsel Megan Ballard pulled up video related to the incident on a cellphone to show to Assistant District Attorney Shiv Sachdeva, Sridej and Burroughs.

Sridej released surveillance images to local media with a suspect wearing a shirt reading “Jesus Loves You.” A Facebook friend of Heath, Sridej said, recognized the T-shirt and made a call to police.

Ballard argued for the charge to be changed to a misdemeanor theft by shoplifting. She drew references from Black Friday, a shopping holiday after Thanksgiving marked by customers grabbing items hurriedly.

Burroughs, calling the decision “a close one,” opted to bind the case over to State Court as the misdemeanor charge. Heath was also given a $5,000 bond.