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Transportation bill may lead to limits for drivers using map apps
Valencia Young-copy
Valencia Young: ‘I feel that it shouldn’t be against the law to use the apps because that’s the reason they’re made for. What if somebody gets lost? They get lost, they can’t find where they need to go and then they get a ticket for looking? I feel like it’s crazy, totally.’

Used your smartphone lately for directions while driving? If you haven’t, you know someone who has. The federal government may put a stop to that, though.

Buried in the transportation bill known as the Grow America Act are changes that would allow the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to regulate the use of apps like Google and Apple maps. That doesn’t necessarily mean the administration would ban their use, but it may open that door.\

Questions linger about how it would be enforced and whether using a digital map is better or worse than text messaging while driving or for that matter using a paper map.

Local residents weighed in.

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