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The Great Recession: Gainesville man feels age has hurt his job prospects
Dennis Hruby makes his daily search for employment while sitting at his Hall County home. After working 30 years in the logistics business, he was laid off in February.

Dennis Hruby believes his age worked against him in a down economy and, with a limited rebound happening, it still is.

“I’m in the age group that’s pretty much shoved aside,” said the 61-year-old Gainesville man. “Of course, nobody is going to tell you that, but you know that it’s happening. But nobody knows what to do with it — there’s nothing to prove.”

Hruby was laid off his management job with a transportation logistics company in February.

He had worked in the field for more than 30 years, seeing tough times arrive sooner than most.

“I have been in some form of unemployment since 2006,” he said.

Hruby doesn’t totally fault companies for laying off seasoned workers.

“They want to get the best buck for their dollar, but they don’t give the older people a chance,” he said. “We go back to the days when we didn’t have computers and now everything is done by computers, and we’re out that way.”

After his layoff this February, he has struggled to get back on his feet, and has spent retirement money to make ends meet.

“I’ve kind of run through everything I had set aside,” Hruby said. “I’ve just about run out of money. ... I don’t borrow from myself very much, but I finally had to start doing that to get food on the table and pay the electric bill and all that stuff.”

When he’s not looking for work, he donates his time to nonprofit organizations, such as food banks.

“It takes care of my free time when I have it,” Hruby said. “The rest of the time, I go looking through job boards and stuff like that. ... Still, in the marketplace, (finding a job) is about who do you know.”

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