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Syrian family escapes civil war for Gainesville
Refugees describe violence in Homs, journey to US, where jobs, transportation are a challenge
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Lana, Hadi and Mohamad Alhawari sit together during an interview Tuesday at their Gainesville apartment. After escaping Syria, the Alhawari family lived in Jordan for five years before moving to the United States. - photo by Erin O. Smith
Walking along the walls of the embattled Syrian city of Homs, Hadi Alhawari and his uncle could see bombs and snipers on the way to the bakery. “We look everywhere just to be careful we’re not going to be hit, but we needed to get to the bakery to eat, to get groceries,” Alhawari said last week through interpreter Lina Muhanna. He remembered a line in front of the store, a truck outside filled with injured people.