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State gives tax break on efficient home items
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Efficient appliances and construction materials will be sold tax-free this weekend in Georgia.

Friday through Sunday, items labeled Energy Star and WaterSense will be exempt if they are $1,500 or less.

Items that may qualify include air conditioners, ceiling fans, clothes washers, dehumidifiers, dishwashers, doors, fluorescent light bulbs, refrigerators, windows, bathroom sink faucets and faucet accessories, toilets, urinals, showerheads and irrigation controllers.

The exemption does not include items that are bought for trade, business or resale.

“We use more water in our homes than anywhere else,” said Boyd Austin, chairman of the Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District and mayor of Dallas. “Simple things like changing a showerhead or adding an aerator to an existing faucet can really make a difference, saving both water and money.”

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