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Stabbing suspect released on bond
Details of talent managers Feb. 18 fight with TV producer emerge in court hearing
0221STABBING Dustin Gold
Dustin Gold

A Hall County magistrate court judge has granted bond to a man charged with stabbing a reality show producer.

Dustin Gold, 31, was granted a $50,000 bond Friday, which he made.

After hearing the evidence presented in court that morning, Judge Tracy Loggins said Gold, a talent manager from Connecticut, had a "decent case" for self-defense.

Gold is charged with stabbing and injuring Marcus Fox, 38, in the early hours of Feb. 18 at a rented lake house on Hulsey Drive.

They were in town with a group of political impersonators doing a series of promotional events for a local car dealership and shooting a pilot for a reality show.

The group also had made appearances at the state Capitol and various news shows.

The only testimony given at the hearing came from a Hall County Sheriff's investigator, who said the stabbing resulted from an initial altercation between Fox and another man in the house.

Investigator Mark Mitchell told the courtroom that, after consuming alcohol, Fox and a Bill Clinton impersonator named Tim Watters got into an "aggressively verbal" argument in the pool room of the house.

Some witnesses, including Gold, told Mitchell that Fox pushed Watters down in the argument, though Fox denied the allegations, Mitchell said.

Gold stepped in to break up the fight, according to the investigator.

At some point after that, Mitchell testified, Fox held Gold down on the pool table and licked his face. Gold also told investigators that Fox touched him inappropriately. Fox, on the other hand, told investigators "he was just having a little fun."

Gold then picked up a ball from the pool table, threw it at Fox, hitting him in the chest, Mitchell testified.

Gold then ran outside, falling down an embankment and injuring his knee. Gold's attorney questioned whether Gold was being chased by Fox, but the investigator could not confirm that detail in court Friday.

Gold reportedly had a difficult time getting back into the house, but at about 4 a.m. a female actor Jefandi Cato, who impersonates Michelle Obama, let him inside.

The two then went to the kitchen. As they heard Fox coming into the room, Gold told the investigator that he put a steak knife in his front right pocket.

Witnesses had different versions of the events that ensued, but the investigator testified that Fox approached Gold as if he were going to choke him.

Gold told investigators that Fox did put his hands around his neck. Fox said he never got a chance, according to the investigator.

"Mr. Gold beat him to the punch, so to speak," Mitchell testified.

The two men fell to the floor, with Fox on top, and Gold used the steak knife to stab Fox in the stomach, Mitchell said. Cato told the investigator that she did not see what happened after the two men fell to the ground.

Emergency crews were called to the scene at about 5:30 a.m., Mitchell said.

Fox had to undergo extensive surgery to repair the roughly 2- to 3-inch stab wound, Mitchell said. Fox has since been released from the hospital.

An attorney presenting the state's case Friday declined comment after the hearing.

Gold's attorney said the hearing went the best it possibly could, saying "it's a clear case of self defense."

He expected Gold to make bond and return to his home in New Haven, Conn.

Gold manages actors, impressionists, comics, entertainers and writers.

Fox is known for work on shows including "The Osbournes," "Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica" and "Hardcore Pawn."