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Spoilers: It's wall-to-wall coverage of our local guy Luke P. on this week's 'Bachelorette'
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Luke Parker, left, and Hannah Brown. This week’s episode of “The Bachelorette” picked up where last week left off — Gainesville’s Luke Parker and Luke S. talking things out in front of this season’s bachelorette, Hannah Brown. Photo courtesy of ABC.

This week’s episode of “The Bachelorette” picked up where last week left off — Gainesville’s Luke Parker and Luke S. talking things out in front of this season’s bachelorette, Hannah Brown.

It’s becoming more and more apparent that the rest of the men on the show aren’t as big of fans of Parker as Brown is. They’re usually shown sitting around trashing him.

Brown, on the other hand, seems to feel the complete opposite way. She ended up giving Parker a rose, despite all the drama, while Luke S. sent himself home.

As everyone remaining gathered before heading to their next destination — Scotland — Parker offered an awkward toast.

“I’ve got a toast for all of you gentlemen, but it’s mostly for Hannah, because we’re all here for Hannah,” Parker said, as everyone else looked on, confused. ”To finding your forever, and having the time of our lives while on the hunt.”

There was an awkward pause. Some of the other men laughed as the show went to a commercial, but next it was on to Scotland and time for a few dates.

Brown surprised the men at a bar and took Mike away for a one-on-one date, where they explored the streets of Scotland. Meanwhile, the rest of the men let Parker know how they felt about him and the way he has created drama in recent weeks.

“Just don’t cross the line anymore,” said Jed, one of the remaining contestants.

In an on-camera interview, Parker expressed how he was feeling about things.

“I’m definitely misunderstood by the guys, and if what they say about me starts to creep into what Hannah thinks about me, that’s a line, and that’s when I’m going to step in and I’m not going to allow that to happen,” Parker said. “Getting a one-on-one is the most important thing to me right now. I’m in dire need of it.”

Parker got his wish, because Brown took the rest of the men on a group date where they competed in traditional Scottish Highland Games, while Parker stayed back, waiting on his one-on-one date.

When the time finally came, Brown took Parker to explore the fields of Scotland, looking out over the ocean, and had one of the more serious talks with him than she’s had with anyone else on the show.

“There’s no denying the connection that we have,” Brown said in an on-camera interview before the date. “There’s also no denying that there are red flags everywhere.”

Much of the conversation centered around Parker not sharing his emotions. Brown said he “doesn’t always express his emotions” and “he seems like he’s trying to be perfect and it comes off really fake.”

Parker was confident in the date, hoping it would go well and the one-on-one time would give the couple a chance to grow in their relationship.

They talked about how the rest of the men don’t like Parker, and why that’s the case.

“I say anything and they blow it way out of proportion,” Parker said. “Anything I do, they’re just trying to amplify it in a negative way. It’s a very tough position I'm in right now and it’s not easy.”

Brown said that was one of those red flags she’s seen. She said she wants a man who people want to be around. That’s when Parker tossed out another red flag, in Brown’s eyes.

“Everyone I’ve ever met, every place, every school I’ve ever been to, everywhere I’ve ever been in my whole life, everyone loves me,” Parker said.

The bachelorette was frustrated and eventually had to get up to clear her mind.

She said she was looking for Parker to tell her how he was feeling with all the drama going on, but she didn’t feel like he opened up in the way she wanted.

“I don’t want to know, like, what happened, I want to know, like, how it affects you, like, your heart, and me,” Brown said. “Like how does it make you feel?”

They essentially cut the conversation off and finished the tension-filled date, and Brown left upset with Parker for saying the same things over and over.

“It’s just frustrating because I feel like you’re just talking in ways that just sound good,” Brown said.

Parker tried to reassure her that he would never try to do that. Although there were red flags, Brown knew she couldn’t let go just yet.

“I really like Luke P. and I hate admitting it because I want to not like him,” Brown said. “I want to send him home just like every other guy that’s pissed me off.”

As they went to the dinner portion of the date, the conversation continued and Brown wasn’t any happier. They tried to talk things out, and Brown gave Parker the chance to explain his feelings more and more.

“Bottom line, I’ve been trying to be too perfect and it has been hard for me,” Parker said. “I feel like it’s been really hard, because of all these guys saying things about me that aren’t true. And I feel like it’s just really been hard for me to let loose and be me.”

It didn’t get much better from there, and just like last week, another episode filled with Parker brought another cliffhanger. Brown ended the episode saying, “I can’t give you this rose.”

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