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Sewer rates to go up in Hall
Rate hikes will offset service costs, slower growth rates
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Sewer billing rates for county residents will increase in January to offset rising service costs and slower growth rates.

The proposed rate hikes, which the Hall County Board of Commissioners approved Thursday, are designed to stabilize revenue and pay down debt on the Spout Springs Water Reclamation Facility.

Sewer rates are based on volume use, with a cap set at 14 Ccf, or hundreds of cubic feet.

One Ccf equals about 748 gallons.  

Additional proposed cost increases include service rates for reclaimed water.

Commissioners are considering raising this to $3 per 1,000 gallons from $2.

And a base rate charge of $12 was approved.

Former Commissioner Craig Lutz criticized the board for approving language that requires county sewer rates to be no less than those charged by the city of Gainesville.

County officials said that because Gainesville will take over billing for the county, rates need to mirror those charged in the city.