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Scriven: You really are a change agent.
Brenau University’s Latricia Scrivens works with her college algebra students. - photo by Scott Rogers | The Times
Latricia Scriven | Brenau University Latricia Scriven is a “people person” — always has been, always will be.It’s what makes her a good teacher.The Baton Rouge, La., native is an associate professor of math and science at Brenau and is also the department chair.And the flexibility of a college classroom keeps her smiling and interacting with students.“I’ve done different age groups,” she said. “I’ve taught middle school and a little bit of high school and dual-enrollment programs. But, I really like this age group and I like the flexibility it gives me as a teacher.”She sees herself as putting the gloss on the students as they leave for the workforce.“I think of me as taking them from excellent to extraordinary.”Why did you choose teaching?“I have always wanted to teach.