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School counselors serve as guides at the hub of the school
Gainesville High lead counselor Wendy Savitz, right, and counselor Betsy Escamilla spend Friday morning enrolling a transfer student for the new school year.
As she gets ready for her 30th and likely final year as a counselor at East Hall High School, Leigh Cumiskey expects it to be another active year of meetings with students and parents to help with academic goals and personal issues. “It’s a zoo, but I think that in any counseling office, if it is quiet, then we’re not doing something right because it needs to be the hub of the school,” Cumiskey said. Helping students understand what they need to do in high school to meet their goals is a major focus of the job, according to Cumiskey “We have to make sure we’re guiding kids on where they want to go,” she said.