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Savannah State football team finding shelter at UNG amid Irma
09122017 UNG

Though classes have been canceled, the University of North Georgia’s Dahlonega campus has checked in some 100 students and staff because of Hurricane Irma.

Savannah State University’s football team came to UNG following its game Saturday against Appalachian State University in Boone, N.C.

UNG’s Director of Residence Life Treva Smith said the University System of Georgia held a conference call for all housing directors seeking available housing.

Lewis Annex, a traditional residence hall, was taken offline for the school year at UNG, but the renovations hadn’t started, Smith said.

The team was expected to head toward Augusta until plans shifted toward Dahlonega. Some 90 members of the team are at Lewis Annex, with another 10 at Patriot Hall.

Smith said the cleaning crew made quick work of the residence hall and was able to get linens from Georgia State University.

“We made sure the fire systems were functional and made sure the Wi-Fi works, because Wi-Fi is extremely important to your average college student,” Smith said.

The school loaded meal plans onto temporary ID cards for the team.

“We also worked with UNG athletics to make sure that there were spaces available for the team to train as well as to watch video, because they actually have a game on Saturday with the University of Montana,” Smith said.

Savannah State University is closed through Wednesday, according to the school’s website.

“If there’s more destruction in Savannah than we’re anticipating, they could actually change their charter flight if they needed to and fly out from somewhere in North Georgia out to Montana,” Smith said.

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