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Sardis students embrace archery team
0301SARDIS 0006
Archery team members Rylee Earwood, 9, and Brody Burke, 9, pull their arrows from a target Tuesday at Sardis Enrichment School. The team is split between boys and girl almost evenly. - photo by Erin O. Smith
Every Tuesday afternoon, Destiny Wooley sticks her head through her racoon-fur-covered quiver strap and slings it across her shoulder, grabs her purple bow and heads to archery practice with 33 of her peers. The 9-year-old joins the rest of the archery team at Sardis Enrichment School along a yellow rope line, 10 yards away from the 3D models of animals like a hyena, cheetah, bear and deer they will be shooting at for practice that day. Coach Frank Barroqueiro gives them a pep talk before they notch, dock and loose their arrows.