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Rocky spinoff filming soon at old Hall jail
Stars won't appear in town for film featuring Apollo Creed's son as young boxer
Michael B. Jordan

Gainesville soon can add another film to its rapidly growing Hollywood roster.

Cast and crew for an upcoming “Rocky” spinoff will soon set up camp in the old Hall County Jail on Main Street in Gainesville.

“We love the community. Gainesville is great and we hope they’ll have us back,” said Faye R. McCamy, an assistant location manager for BB3 Productions LLC.

Sylvester Stallone will reprise his role of the famous fictional boxer Rocky Balboa in “Creed,” a film that centers on Adonis Johnson Creed, the illegitimate son of Apollo Creed.

Adonis Creed, played by Michael B. Jordan, will be introduced to boxing and learn the ropes from Balboa, his father’s friend and former rival.

It will be a “feel good, hero, Rocky-type of movie,” McCamy said.

McCamy said Stallone and Jordan will not appear on set. Producers have also indicated that all filming will be indoors.

Gainesville’s old Hall County Jail will serve as a juvenile delinquent center and the film crew will be reshooting scenes that had already been shot at another location.

Crews began preparing for filming this week, with filming set for Tuesday and Wednesday. Wrap dates are set for Thursday and July 24. The schedule could change depending on weather or shooting schedule conflicts.
“Creed” will hit theaters Nov. 25.

The jail has been empty since the Corrections Corp. of America pulled out of its lease in late 2013, about a year after Gainesville purchased the property from Hall County for $7.2 million.

Gainesville still owes $6.52 million entering the fiscal year 2016.

Gainesville City Council unanimously approved a contract with the film company, granting access to the jail for seven days. The city will be paid $6,500 by Creed Productions LLC’s producer.

The economic impact of filming affects Gainesville as a whole, said Deb Gregson, tourism manager for Gainesville. She described Gainesville as “camera-ready” and mentioned that filming cast and crew would be using hotels and other facilities in the area.

“It’s good for us, as a community, if we show them that we are happy that they’re here,” Gregson said.

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