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Report: Person tried to extort UNG student for $2,000

A University of North Georgia student said a person threatened to release a video of the student performing a sexual act if he did not send the person $2,000, according to a report.

UNG police met with the male student on Oct. 10. The man said he started contacting an unknown woman on Facebook, and the woman was also using Skype.

The man said Oct. 8 he was performing a sexual act “while the unknown (woman) was recording via Skype,” according to the report.

The woman sent the student a message the next day that said her mother was sick and in the hospital and that she needed money.

When the student refused, she told him she would release the video “to all your friends and family on Facebook if you do not send me ($2,000),” according to the report.

The student’s family suggested he delete all of his accounts and get a new number.

The man told police he had no information on the woman other than the “link to her by Facebook,” according to the report.

On Oct. 15, the man said he did not want to continue with the investigation and did not want to prosecute.

“He has a new phone with a new phone number and has deleted his Facebook accounts,” according to the report.

The case is now inactive.

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