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Police: Oakwood man attempted to run police chief off road
David Amilcar Lopez Jr.

An Oakwood man is accused of using his car offensively against the Oakwood police chief and his officers.

David Amilcar Lopez Jr., 25, is charged with aggravated assault on a peace officer related to an incident Thursday afternoon.

Oakwood police officers responded to a domestic disturbance around 4 p.m. Thursday in the 4000 block of Prestwick Drive in Oakwood.

“Just before they arrived, the perpetrator, who was Mr. Lopez, had left the scene in a white van, and we were told that the windows were broken out in the van and there was a lot of damage,” Chief Randall Moon said.

Moon responded to the scene as backup.

“While I was en route there, he actually came up behind my vehicle and was trying to run me off the road in my patrol vehicle,” Moon said.

Moon pulled off to the side of the road and turned his blue lights on, and Lopez then passed.

Lopez then allegedly returned to the scene of the domestic disturbance, Moon said.

“An officer that was already there at the scene tried to block him in with the patrol car, and he tried to hit that officer,” Moon said.

Moon said Lopez allegedly almost hit another officer standing in the front yard, who drew his weapon.

“Myself and another officer jumped him from behind, because he was busy watching the officer with the gun, and it took all three of us to get him to the ground and get him handcuffed,” Moon said.

Moon said Friday morning that all of those involved were OK. Lopez is believed to have hurt himself on the broken windows, Moon said.

“We had white paint and blood all over us,” Moon said, adding Lopez allegedly used white paint cans to break the van windows.

Lopez was booked in to the Hall County Jail Friday morning, where he remains.