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One second-grade class asked its students, What if you were president?
Seven-year-old Armando Zavala, passes the class book off to classmate Emily Cash, 7, during a reading Friday in the media center at Enota Multiple Intelligences Academy. Jennifer Westbrook’s second-grade IMPACT students wrote a book about what each child would do if they were president after learning about voting and elections. - photo by SARA GUEVARA

When President Barack Obama was elected in November, teachers told students that regardless of their race, they, too, could become president one day.

Jennifer Westbrook’s second-grade class at Enota Multiple Intelligences Academy took that encouragement to heart. After the election, they began working on a class book that details their plans if their address ever becomes 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Westbrook’s students held a book reading and signing Friday at Enota where they showcased their Nationwide Learning Inc.-published book, “Vote for Me!” Westbrook said the students began working on their drafts in November, and learned about the writing process as their January deadline approached.

“They were really motivated because it was being published,” she said. “I love their ideas. ... I think you can tell they keep in touch with current events. They talked about the economy and other issues candidates used in their platforms.”

Second-grade student Joseph Diaz said he wants to be president and support education because he would get his own plane, and he could attend “one of those parties they have,” referring to inaugural balls.

But even the young author realizes being president isn’t all fun and games.

“It’d be hard to be president because you’d be up all night working to solve all the problems of the U.S.,” he said.

Emma Candler Romberg appealed to voters’ wallets.

“You would get $100 each year ... Gas would be free Friday and Saturday,” she wrote.

Micah Wallace jumped on the bandwagon, too.

“If I was president, for my speech I would say I would quit taxes,” he wrote.

Ben Boyd pitched ideas that would make him America’s next “green” president.

“If I were president, I’d encourage America to recycle,” he wrote. “I’d tell them to use less electricity and water because we’re in a drought.”

Justin Magahey said he would like to lead the U.S. Armed Forces as president, and would make sure the nation is safe.

“I could have a meeting every day,” he said of his strategic war plan.

Pete Alexander would have big plans if he worked in the Oval Office.

“I want peace and prosperity with Iraq,” he wrote. “We will team up.”

And Isaac Shiver has his day as president already mapped out.

“First, I will eat breakfast. Next I’ll get out of my PJs. After that, I’ll get into my uniform,” he wrote. “Finally, I will do my speech. Last, I will go to bed.”