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Oakwood OKs 187-home development, rejects 107 townhomes
Residents filled Oakwood City Hall Monday, Oct. 8, to oppose two residential developments totaling 294 homes. Oakwood City Council ended up approving a 187-home subdivision and rejecting a 107-townhome development.

A 187-home subdivision off McEver Road was approved Monday, Oct. 8, while Oakwood City Council voted down a 107-townhome development off Flat Creek Road.

In separate actions before a packed audience, the council gave its first OK to Brannon Ridge, a 187-unit project off Waverly Way and Stephens Road west of McEver and rejected MB Endeavors’ plans for 107 two-story townhomes off Oakwood and Flat Creek roads.

Brannon Ridge features 112 single-family detached homes and 75 townhomes, and it sits on 33.2 acres next to Copper Springs subdivision, which is in the city of Gainesville.

Prices for the homes could be in $250,000 to $300,000 range and the townhomes could run in $225,000 range.

The development also would feature a pool and clubhouse.

Eric Johansen spoke to the council for Southeastern Land Solutions, which is proposing Brannon Ridge. He said industrial growth is helping to spur jobs and bring residents, plus Oakwood benefits from having Lake Lanier nearby and mountains to the north.

“You guys are centrally located in a hotbed that gives great access,” Johansen said.

The proposal did draw opposition.

Chris Nix, a Waverly Way resident who said he spoke on behalf of his neighborhood, said he was particularly concerned about the density of Brannon Ridge — 5.4 units per acre.

“I don’t have a problem with two, three homes per acre, but to have 5 ½ homes per acre is a major issue,” he said. “It’s going to change the dynamics of our neighborhood completely.”

Several residents also spoke against MB Endeavors’ plans. Concerns varied about the proposal, including that it might infringe on the privacy of neighboring residents and increase crime.

One resident spoke about how the development, which is also not far from busy McEver Road, would be another example of “rapid, rampant development” that’s turning the area into another Gwinnett County.

In another, later vote, the council gave its final OK to Cumming-based Blue River Development’s plans for a 128-home subdivision across from Old Plainview Road and north of Plainview Road.