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Oakwood City Council considers law on banners
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Oakwood is looking at cracking down on what officials see as a proliferation of banner signs throughout the city.

The City Council voted 4-1 Monday night to give its first OK to an ordinance that would require residents to register with the city at no charge when they intend to put up a banner and take it down.

Only Councilman Gary Anderson opposed the measure, saying he was concerned about imposing any requirements on businesses that might cause economic hardship.

"We’re going to increase the costs of advertising because they’re going to have to put up real signs instead of banners," he said. "I don’t think right now is the time to increase the cost to anybody."

The law’s intent, city officials said, was to make banners a temporary sign.

"There are banners out there that stay up forever and ever, and that’s the problem," said Councilman Ron McFarland.

City Council hasn’t settled on how often residents would be able to put up banners or for how long each time they could display the banners.

But members generally agreed that something needed to be down to curb the problem.

"Mundy Mill Road looks like the entrance to a circus town," said Councilman Montie Robinson.