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No weather worries as Harvey remnants pass over Hall County
Weather and local emergency officials say Hall County has nothing to worry about as the remnants of Hurricane Harvey pass over the area. - photo by Nick Bowman

Hall County shouldn’t have any problems with rain created by the remnants of Hurricane Harvey through the rest of the week.

The National Weather Service forecast calls for steady and sometimes heavy rain on Thursday and Friday, but it should clear up by Saturday.

In the meantime, residents shouldn’t be concerned about flash flooding or wind damage.

“It’s raining slow enough,” said David Kimbrell, director of the Hall County Emergency Management Agency. “There’s always that chance of a street that will get a little flash flooding, but nothing like in Texas. The drainage we think will handle all of that, so they’re not anticipating any problems.”

There was a change of strong winds in the afternoon, but “it’s been so overcast today that it’s not warmed up, and the atmosphere is not unstable.”

Gusts of up to 30 mph are possible at higher elevations in Northwest Georgia, according to the NWS forecast.

Hall County residents can sign up for weather alerts at

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