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Mom: Son died protecting girlfriend from ex in Lula attack
Authorities: Jessie Weber killed in Thursday stabbing
Peggy Weber said her son Jessie Weber was protecting his girlfriend when he was stabbed Thursday. Jessie Weber died at the hospital that night.

A Lula man defended his girlfriend from a spurned ex-boyfriend on Cagle Road, the man’s mother said Monday.

Jessie Weber, 32, died hours after suffering a stab wound to the chest Thursday. The suspect, Jason Foreman, 45, of Lula, was the former boyfriend of Tammy Flansburg, who was in a relationship with Weber.

Foreman died during a standoff Friday afternoon in Barrow County when Hall County Sheriff’s Office deputies tried to serve him with a murder warrant.

Peggy Weber, the victim’s mother, said authorities told her that her son protected Flansburg when Foreman allegedly arrived.

“He doesn’t like to see a woman get hurt,” Peggy Weber said.

A “good kid” with many friends, Jessie Weber spent the morning with his mother before going over to the 4000 block of Cagle Road in Lula, Peggy Weber said.

A deputy informed her of the incident around 9 p.m. — three hours after the stabbing — and she rushed to the hospital.

“The surgeon came in and talked to us and said his wounds were very intense,” Peggy Weber said. “He said one passed through his heart and the other one damaged his abdominal area very bad.”

Jessie Weber had been stabbed from behind and in his side, his mother said.

“We got to spend the time that he was breathing, and I talked to him,” Peggy Weber said. “I don’t know if he heard me or not, of course.”

The doctors told her that Jessie Weber would be “nothing but a vegetable” if he stayed alive, with the chances of him surviving already slim.

With that knowledge, Peggy Weber made the call.

“About 12 o’ clock that night we decided to take that breathing tube out and let him rest in peace, and about quarter after 12 he had passed away,” she said.

The family members taking it the hardest are Jessie Weber’s two sons, ages 9 and 10, Peggy Weber said.

“They don’t hardly sleep, they cry, they keep looking at his pictures,” she said.

The family was looking at the option of an open casket before cremation so that the two boys could see their father one last time, though the plans were not set Monday.

Deputies located Foreman around 3 p.m. Friday in the 700 block of Melinda Drive in Winder, where the Lula man struck two officers with gunfire.

One required medical treatment, according to Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Deputy Nicole Bailes.

Foreman barricaded himself inside a structure belonging to his friend, Bailes said, before being found dead.

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