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Missing Gainesville woman found at mental health facility
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After she was missing for three days, authorities found Gainesville woman Adela Arroyo at Northeast Georgia Medical Center, where she had checked herself into Laurelwood, a division of the medical center that treats those with mental health problems.

Arroyo left her Black Drive home Sunday morning. She often walked to the QuickTrip down the street to buy or smoke cigarettes, her daughter Adela Garcia said. Later Sunday morning, Garcia got a call from her uncle that Arroyo was missing. She was last seen at the QuickTrip at about 10 a.m.

Garcia said her mother's mental condition especially worried her. Arroyo would talk to herself, scream, cry and sometimes get violent when not on her medication, Garcia said. She had been off her medication since July.

By Sunday night, the Hall County Sheriff's Office got involved.

Sheriff's officials searched the area on foot and issued a Mattie's Call, an alert for a missing disabled or elderly person.

Sheriff's officials checked the hospital, local mental health facility Avita as well as the jail, said Col. Jeff Strickland, spokesman for the sheriff's office.

Garcia and her siblings searched the neighborhood, talked with sheriff's officials and put up missing person fliers.

"I haven't rested, haven't stopped looking," Garcia said through a translator Wednesday afternoon before her mother was found. "I don't know what to do anymore."

On Wednesday afternoon, sheriff's officials got a tip Arroyo was at Laurelwood. She had checked herself in Sunday under the name Adela Diaz, Strickland said.

News that she was found safe and doing OK brought relief to Jerry Woodall, who has known the family for about seven years.

He and his wife lived down the street from Arroyo and her children when Arroyo lived in South Hall near Johnson High School.

"I think it's wonderful they found her," he said Wednesday night. "I kind of had a feeling she was OK, but you know how it is, you never know."