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Lula to reward residents for pulling together with post-Irma picnic
09092017 LULA
Lula is holding a community picnic Oct. 27 at the historic train depot to reward Lula residents for pulling together after the city got raked by Tropical Storm Irma a week ago. - photo by Carlos Galarza

Veteran Lula City Councilman Mordecai Wilson received a new title from City Manager Dennis Bergin at Monday night’s council meeting: Chef Wilson.

Bergin handed him the title after Wilson volunteered to handle the menu for a community picnic set for Oct. 27 to reward Lula residents for pulling together after the city got raked by Tropical Storm Irma a week ago.

Residents are still cleaning up from the dozens of trees toppled by Irma. The city is running its chipper on just about a daily basis and expanding services to handle trash.

“As you know, last week a lot of our services were disrupted because of the storm,” Bergin said. “A lot of the folks, God bless them, because power was out so long they lost everything in their freezer and their refrigerators. So there’s that much more garbage out there.”

On a positive note, Bergin said there’s a good chance that the city will qualify for grant money from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Bergin said the money could be used to bring in additional labor and/or equipment to help with the cleanup.

“I’m very encouraged with the conversation I had with them,” Bergin said. “They recognize that Lula got slammed pretty good, so the opportunity’s there.”

There were few seats available for Monday night’s meeting, a rare occurrence not lost on Wilson and other council members who took the opportunity to thank the public for helping one another as good neighbors in a time of need. Council agreed that Oct. 27 from 5-7 p.m. would be a good time for a community picnic at the Lula train depot facility the city recently acquired.

Lula post-Irma community picnic

When: 5-7 p.m. Oct. 27

Where: Lula train depot, 5911 Wall St.

Wilson wants to cook hams and ribs for the event with side dishes provided by others.

“We’re not going to have hamburgers and hot dogs?” Mayor Milton Turner asked.

“No!” Wilson said emphatically.

Residents at the meeting broke out in laughter.

Wilson plugged the community picnic at the end of the meeting.

“We want to welcome you,” Wilson said. “This is the time that we as council we want to honor our community. We are our brother’s keeper. We see everybody pitching in helping regardless who you are or what you are or what you have.

“In a time of disaster, I am glad to see our community come together and take part. That is why we want to show our appreciation. Please come and don’t stay home.”  

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