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Kubota gift to fire department likely for parade purposes
Hall Fire Services' device could be used in emergency situation
Hall County Fire Services’ Sgt. Darrin Whitmire, right, and Lt. Tony Allen get inside the department’s new Kubota RTV Tuesday afternoon at Station 7. The vehicle, donated to the fire department by Kubota, will more than likely be used by the department for events and school visits.

Hall County Fire Services added another vehicle to its fleet last week — a Kubota utility vehicle.

The gift worth around $18,000 came after Kubota celebrated its millionth unit off the assembly line Oct. 12. Hall County Fire Services and Gainesville Police Department both received an RTV.

Deputy Fire Chief Chad Black said the department will most likely take the vehicle for public safety educational classes through the fire marshal’s office and “use it for parade purposes.”

Because the department already has other off-road vehicles in use, the Kubota device could come into play in an emergency situation, Black said.