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Jefferson eliminates more islands
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The Jefferson City Council has taken another step to eliminate islands of county property within city limits.

During its regular voting session on Monday, the group voted unanimously to annex 49 properties from the county into the city. The properties were also given a city zoning.

The 49 properties range in size from around one-third of an acre to more than 40 acres. While most of the properties fall under either residential or agricultural zoning, there are also several commercial properties that may potentially be affected by the annexations.

The council previously annexed and zoned 35 other county island properties in December.

Although several property owners attended the December voting session in opposition to the annexation process, no residents attended the most recent meeting.

Jefferson has had less resistance to annexing islands than Gainesville City Council did when the topic was brought up last year.

Gainesville council proposed the forced annexation of 561 properties into the city by the end of 2008; the proposal was dropped when it was met with public outcry by the property owners.

Instead, Gainesville has offered incentives for property owners who voluntarily annex into the city.

In other news, the Jefferson council also:

Approved updating the city’s sign regulations to allow for scrolling signs and to clarify that scrolling signs are not to be considered animated messages.

Approved refinancing 1998 water and sewer revenue bond and loans, which is estimated to save the city around $300,000.