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Hung jury, mistrial in child molestation case
Jeffery Dean Boger 2018
Jeffery Dean Boger

Following roughly 10 hours of deliberations, a jury was unable to return a verdict in a child molestation case.

The result was a mistrial for Jeffery Dean Boger, 39, who faces two counts of child molestation.

The jury heard the case last week in Superior Court Judge Kathlene Gosselin’s courtroom.

“Mr. Boger has always adamantly maintained that the allegations are not true. We certainly understand that this is difficult subject matter and not any sort of topic anybody would want to spend a week listening to and talking about with strangers,” defense attorney Chris van Rossem said Monday, April 22.

Northeastern Judicial Circuit District Attorney Lee Darragh said no specific retrial date has been set, but it will “remain on active calendars.”

Hall County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Derreck Booth said Boger allegedly “sexually abused” a 15-year-old girl in December 2017.

“The victim told a peer. The peer told someone else, and that person reported to us,” Booth said at the time of his arrest.

Booth said Boger and the girl were acquainted with one another.