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It was once a hospital, later a strip club. Soon Atlanta Highway location will be vibrant 787 Hacienda sports bar
04212019 HACIENDA 1.jpg
Gainesville businessman Angel Retana is nearing the opening date of his new restaurant club 787 Hacienda located 787 Hospital Drive. The 8,000-square-foot building dates to 1934, when it served as a hospital, with the name of the “county physician,” W.W. Liles, etched into the cornerstone. - photo by Scott Rogers
When people enter the doors of what used to be the Top of Gainesville, they’re now greeted by a vibrant sugar skull, a classic symbol of the Mexican Day of the Dead. Angel Retana has transformed the former 8,000-square-foot strip club into 787 Hacienda, Atlanta Highway’s newest sports bar and entertainment hall.