Live updates: 9,901 in Georgia, including 228 in Hall, have confirmed COVID-19 cases
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Live updates: 9,901 in Georgia, including 228 in Hall, have confirmed COVID-19 cases
The 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) is depicted in an illustration provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in January 2020. - photo by Associated Press

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The Georgia Department of Public Heath is reporting cases of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. Numbers are reported by county of residence and are updated twice daily at noon and 7 p.m. DPH is verifying data input locally, creating a delay between actual cases and deaths and what appears in the data. A Gainesville assisted living facility has confirmed it was notified April 3 that a resident there died after contracting COVID-19.

Northeast Georgia Health System erected mobile units in March at the Gainesville and Braselton hospitals, adding capacity of 13 spaces at each hospital. That’s in addition to 84 beds and 15 hallway spaces at the Gainesville hospital and 21 beds and 10 to 12 hallway spaces at Braselton, Angela Gary, executive director of trauma and emergency services, said March 19. Hospital officials have declined to release the number of cases being treated at NGHS facilities. Not all of those confirmed to have COVID-19 are hospitalized. The hospital treats patients from across Northeast Georgia.

  • April 8, noon: 9,901, including 228 in Hall; 362 have died statewide

  • April 7: 9,156, including 215 in Hall; 348 have died statewide

  • April 6: 7,558, including 138 in Hall; 294 have died statewide

  • April 5: 6,742, including 117 in Hall; 219 have died statewide

  • April 4: 6,383, including 117 in Hall; 208 have died statewide

  • April 3: 5,967, including 81 in Hall; 198 have died statewide

  • April 2: 5,444, including 72 in Hall; 176 have died statewide

  • April 1: 4,748, including 71 in Hall; 154 have died statewide

  • March 31: 4,117, including 65 in Hall; 125 have died statewide

  • March 30: 3,028, including 34 in Hall; 100 have died statewide

  • March 29: 2,683, including 33 in Hall; 83 have died statewide

  • March 28: 2,446, including 31 in Hall; 79 have died statewide

  • March 27: 2,001, including 24 in Hall; 64 have died statewide

  • March 26: 1,643, including 22 in Hall, 56 have died statewide

  • March 25: 1,387, including 19 in Hall; 47 have died statewide

  • March 24: 1,097, including 16 in Hall; 38 deaths statewide

  • March 23: 800, including 10 in Hall; 26 have died statewide

  • March 22: 625, including nine in Hall; 25 have died statewide

  • March 21: 555, including nine in Hall; 20 have died statewide

  • March 20: 485, including six in Hall; 14 have died statewide

  • March 19: 287, including five in Hall; 10 have died statewide

  • March 18: 197, including three from Hall

  • March 17: 146, still including one from Hall

  • March 16: 121, including one from Hall

  • March 15: 99

  • March 14: 66

Gov. Brian Kemp issued a shelter in place order that took effect at 6 p.m. April 3.  

Medical experts say social distancing will help "flatten the curve," lowering sudden demand on health care facilities that otherwise will be overwhelmed. Some countries have been successful in these efforts.

Information from the Northeast Georgia Health System is available on its website. The health system relies on guidance from the Centers for Disease control, which also has a web page focused on COVID-19

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This map provided by the Associated Press tracks numbers across the country using ESRI and Johns Hopkins as sources. Totals for Georgia may be different than the Department of Public Health since information is updated at different times and is coming from somewhat varied sources.

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