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Hall works to inform seniors of exemption
Residents may opt out of some taxes
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Tax exemptions

January 1

  • Valuation date for Taxation
  • Date owner must reside at property to qualify for Homestead and other related exemptions

January 1 until March 1

  • Period to file tax returns (Must be filed in person or by mail). Please note: Filing a tax return is not the same as filing an appeal of your property value. When filing a return; the property owner must clearly identify the property, state an estimate of the true market value of the property and give contact information including a phone number. Filing a return may generate a Change of Assessment notice to be sent to the property owner. At that time, the property owner may file an appeal of the county assessed value if they choose to do so.
  • Period to file personal property reporting forms
  • Period to file applications for Freeport Inventory Exemption
  • Period to file applications for Preferential Agricultural, Conservation Use, Freeport, Residential Transitional and Environmentally Sensitive Exemptions.

Homestead Exemptions: (Applications are accepted year round, however in order for the exemption to be applied to the current tax year they must be in before the deadline)
Standard Homestead Exemption: Owner must reside at property on Jan. 1.
Partial School Tax Exemption: Owner must be at least 62 years of age on or before Jan. 1 and meet the income requirements.
Senior Citizens Exemption: Owner must be at least 65 years of age on or before Jan. 1 and meet the income requirements.
Total School Tax Exemption: Hall County residents (not including residents inside the city of Gainesville) — Owner must be at least 70 years of age on or before Jan. 1 (must show proof of age). No income requirements for this exemption. Deadline for this exemption is May 1.
Total School Tax Exemption: City of Gainesville residents — Owner must be at least 72 years of age on or before Jan 1 (must show proof of age). No income requirements for this exemption. Deadline for this exemption is May 1.
Disabled Veteran’s Exemption: Must provide a letter from the Veteran’s Administration certifying that you have a 100 percent service-related disability.
Disabled Person’s Exemption: Must provide a certificate from your licensed physician stating that you are mentally or physically unable to seek gainful employment and the disability is likely permanent.
Extra Homestead Exemption for the Elderly: State ad valorem exemption for anyone older than age 65 on Jan. 1 of the year applying for the exemption. Must provide proof of age. No income qualifiers. Only applies to home and up to 10 acres of land.

You must apply for these exemptions. The deadline for homestead exemption applications is March 1 except for the Total School Tax Exemption, which is May 1. Please contact the Hall County Tax Assessors at 770-531-6720 for additional information.

Source: Hall County

Hall County is trying to give seniors plenty of notice about the deadlines to apply for school tax exemptions this year.

Last year, many age 70 and older did not realize that a new state law allowed them to forego county school taxes, which make up about two-thirds of the bill.

“We want to make sure people are aware they can get this exemption,” said Hall County Public Information Officer Nikki Young.

House Bill 1411, which took effect Jan. 1, 2009, allows seniors to receive the total school tax exemption at age 70.

Seniors who were already approved for the partial school tax exemption available at age 62 automatically received the full exemption when they turn 70.

Residents in the city of Gainesville are eligible for full school tax exemption at 72.

But those who were not on record for the partial exemption, which is based on income, had to register their birth date with the tax assessors office for the full exemption.

The distinction caused confusion for many seniors who regretted missing the deadline to register with the Tax Assessors Office.

“That’s why we’re trying to be proactive this year,” Young said. “We just want to make sure people are aware they can get this exemption since it is only a year old.”

To receive the total school tax exemption for the 2010 tax year, a resident must submit proof of age, such as a driver’s license, between Jan. 1 and May 1 to the Tax Assessor’s office, located in the Joint Administration Building in downtown Gainesville.

The usual period to file for an exemption is Jan. 1 to March 1, but the law allows for an additional two months to file for the full school tax exemption.

“We want to make sure everyone has their birth date on file,” Young said.

Notices will be going out with water bills and signs will be up at county facilities like the community centers and the Senior Life Center reminding people that the deadline is concrete.

“Once the deadline passes we can’t give any special treatment,” Young said. “It’s state law.”

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